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Game Technology

Constructing a massive, fluid and cost efficient multiplayer experience presents game developers with some of the hardest problems out there. But don't worry, because we've already solved them and made multiplayer game development a lot easier for you.

Our networking suite UnityPark Suite is already in use in some of the most popular games on desktop and mobile platforms and serves more than 14 million unique players daily (as of November 2015). Whether on desktop, mobile or console you will find that integrating UnityPark Suite in to your game is easy, fast and pain free. UnityPark Suite is based on world record breaking technology and offers scalability that no other network suite comes close to. But don't just take our word for it, have a look at the games below made by game developers that are already using UnityPark Suite to power their games. 

Send us an email at for more information about UnityPark Suite and licensing. 

Technical information

You will find all of the technical information about our products on our developer site where you'll also find manuals, API reference pages and tutorials. And if you are looking for our user forums, news letters for developers, licensing information for indie developers or our support platform you will find links to those on the developer site as well. 

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World record breaking technology

14 million unique players every day