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We love a challenge and we love tackling problems that seem impossible to solve. Which is why we are always looking for new and interesting projects to get involved with. 

Our engineers are some of the best in the world at network scalability and distributed systems. The accumulated knowledge and experience of online applications within MuchDifferent is without doubt one of the largest in the field; finding equivalent competence elsewhere would be difficult. The results of the work completed up until now can be seen in numerous academic publications as well as in applications serving millions of users.

We are already helping organizations like Ericsson, ABB, the Swedish Navy and Boeing with their engineering challenges and we could be helping you as well. To find out more, send an email to



Customer: Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Navy Naval Warfare Centre (Sjöstridsskolan)

Status: Delivered in 2013

Technology used: Moodle, PHP, SonicAWE

Hydroacoustic and sonar training tool

HydroAcoustic and Sonar training Tool or HAST is an online education platform with theoretical and practical courses for the training of future sonar operators.

It uses the moodle Learning Management System - LMS - as the backbone for its content and education management. On top of that, HAST provides a set of functionalities to create practical exercises with visual lofargrams, sound recognition and beat counting.

HAST was developed by MuchDifferent according to requirements defined by the Swedish Naval School in Karlskrona. The project was first delivered to the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV, in February 2013. It has received a number of additional functionalities and updates since.


Customer: ABB

Status: Completed

Technology used: SonicAWE

Sound analysis in train engines

ABB Traction Engines in Västerås, Sweden develop train engines with extreme demands on size, power consumption and torque. Yet, they manage to keep the design modular and flexible for different configurations.

The construction also has strict requirements on perceived decibel levels which have to be accommodated for. MuchDifferent analysed the recordings to gain insight into how harmonies resonate with cavities in the construction and how superpositioned harmonies can create unpleasant peaks that violate standard regulations. Our signal analysis software Sonic AWE proved very useful in finding patterns thanks to its versatile ability to study the signal interactively.


Customer: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Status: Completed

Technology used: SonicAWE

Identifying individual bats by sound

Bats use echolocation with supersonic sound to navigate and to find prey. MuchDifferent was asked to analyze some recordings made by scientists at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences to see whether individual bats could be identified by the sounds they emit. 

Visualizing high frequency signals, such as bat noise, is an easy task when using our signal analyis software Sonic AWE. Even with such dense signals Sonic AWE can still compute the Continuous Wavelet Transform for the entire spectrum (20-250 000 Hz). This proved very useful in understanding how the sounds and echoes are composed. The high detail level produced by Sonic AWE and ease of use made it possible to see differences in the signals that would otherwise have been much harder to discover.