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We are muchdifferent


We are MuchDifferent in more than name: We believe that running a business needs to be about more than making a profit, that creative joy scales further than financial incentives and that our strength comes from the happiness we find in doing really difficult things together. 

Our philosophy is simple: We want to make the world a better place, we want to give ourselves the opportunity and time to work on the most interesting and most difficult projects we can find and we want to create an environment where we will thrive and become the best possible versions of ourselves. This is paramount in everthing we do, the decisions we take, the way we run MuchDifferent and the people we recruit to join us. 

We are MuchDifferent, and proud of it. 

The MuchDifferent way

We are a small company with huge ambitions and some of the biggest companies in the world as our clients. We've broken world records and impressed a lot of people. So how do we do it? Truth is, it's not that hard and really, we would love it if more people did it the same way that we do. 

We believe that there are a few fairly simple factors that influence how productive and happy an employee will be: Whether they feel involved in decisions, whether they have control over the work they are doing, whether the work they are doing is meaningful and if they are adequately compensated. So we founded our company on these very ideas. 

At MuchDifferent everyone has an equal say in what we do, everyone gets to be a project coordinator, everyone can bring their own projects to the company and everyone has complete freedom to decide when, where and how much they work. We trust each other and we believe that everyone at MuchDifferent wants MuchDifferent to do well, so we empower everyone to do what they think will be best for MuchDifferent.

The story of MuchDifferent

The story begins in 2008 with a group of computer science students and an idea. At first the idea was to make a simple video game. But we soon realized that the game wasn’t the point but that the joy of making something great together was. So we went off looking for fun and interesting projects to work on next.

Half a year later, we gathered again to take stock and decide which projects we wanted to continue working on. At this point we also decided that we needed some way of paying the rent and making ends meet while we were working on our projects. Which is why we started a company, owned in whole by a non profit organization where we were all members.

What we had realized in a moment of insight was that much of what gets in the way of engineering and development brilliance is the never ending mire of bureaucracy and demands for ever higher profits that inevitably come with taking on investor money and selling stock. And we wanted to retain complete control both over our company and the things we produced. 

By structuring our company in this way we made sure that it would be very difficult for an external actor to acquire us and our intellectual property. Our approach to company ownership gives us a far more stable base to stand on, as we never have to worry about being sold to the highest bidder. And our customers love it, because it means we will never just go away and be absorbed into some larger company never to be seen again.

Media inquiries

Members of the media are welcome to contact our press office for interviews, questions and other press material. You are also welcome to contact us by phone at +46 18 470 87 30

The MuchDifferent logo can be downloaded here. The MuchDifferent logo is the property of MuchDifferent and we kindly request that you use it wisely. 

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